Yo, how are you all?
I’m good, just a little tired but what mum isn’t?

So instead of doing a few paragraphs about myself (ugh), I decided I’d just list 20 random facts about myself and hope that you like it.
Look below;

1. My name is Bronwyn
2. My birthday is 29/05/1997
3. I live in Scotland (it’s gross)
4. I have a son
5. My cats are named after NCIS characters
6. I am a little obsessed with zombies and apocalypses
7. I once had a wobbly tooth and ended up swallowing it at lunch
8. I have anxiety and depression
9. I got hit by a car when I was 8
10. I’m a fairly decent artist even though I hate art
11. I read too much
12. My room is still covered in Paramore posters
13. I am convinced my mum is the devil
14. I’m TRYING to go vegetarian
15. I’ve never had a phone I didn’t break
16. I don’t like chicken nuggets (gasp)
17. I miss showers
18. I like wearing odd socks
19. I’m scared of the dark (ha ha ha)
20. I secretly hate romance movies

There. That should do it for now. Anything else you want to know, just ask me. I’m sure you’ll find out plenty in future posts, but who knows.

Have a good week everyone!